Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Torchwood Series 3 Rumours *potential spoilers*

Torchwood Series 3 is due to air on BBC One in 2009 (probably January like Series 2) so I've decided to compile some rumours. Beforehand, I should thank Planet Gallifrey and Adventures Through Time And Space for some of this information.

Cast Members:
  • John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Loyd, Kai Owen and Tom Price are all going to return as their usual characters.
  • Paul Copely as a man called Clem
  • Peter Capaldi as Mr Frobisher
  • Liz May Brice as Johnson
  • Presumably their will be two new TW members to replace Owen and Toshiko, however, a possible new member could be Dr Rupesh Pattenchali (see an image of him HERE), who is a doctor and therefore would fill the role of Owen's.

Possible Occurences:

  • The Hub may be destroyed in the first episode
  • Dr Rupesh may know all about Torchwood. He and Eve Myles (Gwen) have been seen filming and he explains why he is interested in Torchwood. He also said that he has noticed how much weirder things are in Cardiff.
  • The Children of Earth are actually children (as apposed to the people on Earth or when Davros called the Doctor's companions the Children of Time) who seem to get in a trance-like state while chanting: "We, we, we, we, we are, we are, we are, we are, we are coming, we are coming, we are coming, we are coming!" Click HERE to see that.
  • The team could be fired from Torchwood, as they seem to be reduced to stealing. Gwen was seen distracting a man on a bench while Rhys stole his laptop (See that HERE). Gwen stole a handbag (See HERE). Ianto and Rhys have a fight to distract someone when Gwen stole they're briefcase (Ianto and Rhys HERE).
  • Someone from the government tries to expose Torchwood


  1. Close, but no.
    (I was at the preview screening).

    The Hub IS destroyed.
    The government made some kind of deal with the aliens (called the 456) in the past.
    Torchwood get too close, and the PM decides they need to be silenced. Forcibly.
    Rupesh is undercover with the now anti-Torchwood government, trying to destroy them from the inside by getting a job there. He is stabbed in the back (literally and metaphorically) by his fellow agents.
    Jack is knocked unconcious early in the episode, and a agent starts cutting his stomach open. We don't see what happens next.
    Later, in the Hub, Gwen reveals she's pregnant and there's all happiness and congratulations. Then an alarm goes off - the agent put a bomb in Jack's stomach.
    Gwen and Ianto barely escape, Jack seals himself in the Hub, and he explodes.

    You're gonna love it.

  2. 'Anonymous'
    I love you.
    and OMG!!!

  3. Is this bomb business real? Also, the trailer says the baddie has returned (so we've seen them before). I've never heard of 456.

  4. Have you seen the end of the trailer for tonight's episode? Skinned bloke screaming - think that's jack? Will he kind of regenerate or is that how he'll look?


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