Thursday, 18 September 2008

DWM #400 Cover and Details

Okay, so, I can't find any official 'blurb' for Doctor Who Magazine #400 (other than the one from their facebook page, which I've already posted)so I'm going to have to type the details myself. The cover, because it's the 400th issue (congradulations to DWM) there's a special cover featuring David Tennant reading issue #400 with the cover showing the cover and the cover and... you get the idea (see the cover at the bottom of this article).

This issue comes free with a poster of the 10th Doctor reading DWM in the TARDIS (see below for cropped version) and a fantastic competition to go on the set of Doctor Who and see one of the specials being filmed! Here's part of the poster:
DWM #400 Includes:
  • A competition to go and see a Doctor Who special being filmed
  • Double-sided poster
  • Sarah Jane Adventures Series Two preview
  • Colin Baker joins the Time Team!
  • "The sheer briliance of Doctor Who!"
  • Russell T Davies interview and more
  • 'Who on Earth is...' with David Tennant
  • Comic Strip: Think Twice - Part one
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Special article on 'Four Hundred DWMs!'
  • Latest books', episodes' and audio books' reviews
  • WIN! Loads of fantastic Doctor Who goodies!
  • and the regular: Production Notes (from RTD himself), Gallifrey Guardian and Galaxy Forum

All that and more, only in the fantastic 400th issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

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