Monday, 15 August 2011

Confirmed: New Companion for Series 7

Update: This news has since been confirmed fully and first-hand by Steven "The Moff" Moffat.

Following rife rumours that Amy and Rory Pond would be departing the TARDIS at the end of Series 6, and the confirmation that that would return “at some point” in some kind of “involvement”, news and discussion of whether there would be a new companion or who it might be was bound to come up eventually.
But I don’t think any of us expected it to be so soon, and to be something as solid as a proper confirmation from the current Showrunner, Executive Producer and Head Writer himself Steven “The Moff” Moffat.

After the BFI premiere press screening of ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ earlier tonight, Doctor Who Magazine’s official Twitter account gave this exciting little message…

DWMtwitteravatar01@DWMtweets - Doctor Who Magazine
“Oh, and a new companion! Yes, confirmed by @steven_moffat tonight! ;)”

Very exciting! And my brain starts whirring and ticking round once more, wondering what on earth the new companion could be like, just as it did before Rose, Martha, Donna and Amy were announced!

> @DWMtweets – read the actual tweet…again

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