Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Revisitations 3 DVD Box Set

Doctor Who’s DVD producers 2|entertain have now revealed what the contents of the much-anticipated Revisitations 3 DVD box set. The box set will contain the three classic stories, ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’, ‘The Three Doctors’, and ‘The Robots of Death’ (FYI the covers shown are NOT the revisitations versions but the original DVD release covers).

For those who aren’t familiar with the Revisitations box sets, the premise is that 2|entertain are taking three classic Doctor Who titles that have already been released on DVD (but quite a few years ago) and updating them with much more bonus features and better picture and sound quality than the original DVD release.

‘Tomb of the Cybermen’ DVD_TombOfCybermen
In this 1967 Second Doctor story, once thought to be lost forever, the TARDIS arrives on the planet Telos where an Earth archaeological expedition, led by Professor Parry, is attempting to uncover the lost tombs of the Cybermen. The story by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis is the earliest surviving complete story with the Second Doctor. Joining Patrick Troughton in the cast are Frazer Hines as Jamie, Deborah Watling as Victoria, George Roubicek as Captain Hopper, George Pastell as Eric Klieg, Clive Merrison as Jim Callum, Cyril Shaps as John Viner, Shirley Cooklin as Kaftan and Roy Stewart as Toberman.
The story has now been through the VidFire process designed to restore the look of the print to its original condition.

- Extras include:

  • New Commentary
  • Tomb and the magic of VidFIRE: Documentary
  • Sky Ray promo
  • Lost Giants Documentary
  • Curse of the Cybermen: Documentary
  • Cybermen: Documentary
    DVD_ThreeDoctorsThe Three Doctors
    The tenth anniverasary story unites the first three Doctors in a battle against renegade Time-Lord Omega.
    Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin the story stars Jon Pertwee,Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell as The Doctor alongside Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Katy Manningas Jo Grant, John Levene as Sergeant Benton, Rex Robinson as Dr. Tyler and Stephen Thorne as Omega
    - Extras include:

    • Making of Documentary
    • When Doctor Who was Uncool: Documentary

    The Robots of DeathDVD_RobotsOfDeath
    The Fourth Doctor story sees the TARDIS materialise on board a massive sandminer vehicle combing an alien world for precious minerals. The miner is run by a small human crew with the aid of numerous robots split into three classes: Dums, Vocs and a single controlling Super Voc but the crew are being picked off one by one by an unseen killer. Written by Chris Boucher the story starsTom Baker as The Doctor, Louise Jameson as Leela, Brian Croucher as Borg, Tariq Yunis as Cass, Rob Edwards as Chub, David Bailie as Dask, David Collings as Poul, Pamela Salem as Toos, Russell Hunter as Uvanov and Tania Rogers as Zilda

    - Extras include:
    • Sandmine Murders: Documentary
    • Robophobia Documentary
    • Girls Girls Girls 1970's

    Doctor Who: Revisitations 3 DVD box set is set for release at some point during 2011. Check back here for any further details!

    What do you think of this? Will you buy this DVD box set?
    Please comment.


    1. Hi,
      Just wondering which month doctor who revisitations vol 3 box set not out yet in this year in 2011 now,
      Thanks Lewis,

    2. Hi Lewis

      No details of the release date other than it'll be this year have been revealed yet, so I'm afraid I can't help you on that, sorry.

      Thanks for commenting, Lewis :D

    3. Hi,
      what date in November 2011 doctor who revistations volume 3 box set not out yet?

    4. The 3 Doctors is a favorite story of mine, it could really do with some new effects to make it worth while buying it again. Shame they aren't doing that for any of these stories.


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