Friday, 17 October 2008

Series 4 Soundtrack Track Listings

Silva Screen Records, as I'm sure you all know, is to release a soudtrack for Series 4 of Doctor Who (see cover below) and have today released the list of 27 tracks on the disc:

1. Doctor Who Season Four Opening Credits (0:46)
2. A Noble Girl About Town (2:14)
3. Life Among the Distant Stars (2:30)
4. Corridors and Fire Escapes (1:12)
5. The Sybilline Sisterhood (1:53)
6. Songs of Captivity and Freedom (4:03)
7. UNIT Rocks (1:11)
8. The Doctor's Daughter (1:38)
9. The Source (3:21)
10. The Unicorn and the Wasp (3:11)
11. The Doctor's Theme Season Four (2:47)
12. Voyage of the Damned Suite (10:21)
13. The Girl With No Name (2:45)
14. The Song of Song (2:14)
15. All in the Mind (1:18)
16. Silence In The Library (2:57)
17. The Greatest Story Never Told (6:17)
18. Midnight (3:07)
19. Turn Left (2:20)
20. A Dazzling End (2:22)
21. The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble (2:44)
22. Davros (2:07)
23. The Dark and Endless Dalek Night (3:44)
24. A Pressing Need to Save the World (4:55)
25. Hanging On The Tablaphone (1:07)
26. Song of Freedom (2:51)
27. Doctor Who Season Four Closing Credits (1:07)
The Doctor Who Series 4 Original Soundtrack is released on November 17th, but will be available from its makers' website, Silva Screen.

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  1. Well Im Very Glad The Series 4 Soundtrack Has Been Released,And Now The Track Names =) But There Is One Song / Theme On The Soundtrack Im Screaming For, Its The Theme From Journeys End When Sarah Jane,Luke,Jack,Gwen And Yanto Work Together To Get The Phone Line Connected To The Doctor, If You Know The Name Of This Please Email Me At THANK YOU X


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