Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Billie Piper has delivered her first baby! Speaking outside the private Portland Hospital, Billie's husband, actor Laurence Fox (who she married at the begining of this year), said, "I feel fantastic!"

The baby, as you can probably guess by this post's banner, is a boy. Recently, Billie said she was apprehensive about the birth:
"Some women are all about this glowing, blooming thing, aren't they? I haven't really tapped into that. I've basically replaced all my vices for a new one - control. I've had about 10 scans and I bought one of those baby heart monitor things. Such a bad idea - its like listening to a huge shell on the beach. But I do love it. The whole thing is just so sweet, tender and adorable."

When asked about if they had chosen a name yet, Laurence replied, "It's a private moment."

Congradulations to Billie and Laurence!

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