Sunday, 12 April 2009

'The Waters of Mars' Trailer

As you all probably know, the very first trailer for the second of the four 2009 Specials, 'The Waters of Mars', was shown at the end of 'Planet of the Dead'.

'The Waters of Mars' stars Lindsay Duncan as the one-off companion and by the looks of the trailer the enemy might be something that possesses people and has the power of water.

What do you think of this trailer? What are your theories for this episode?
Please comment.


  1. It looks amazing, can't wait!

  2. Happy BirthDay Mr D Tennant Wish You Had a Special Birthday YesterDay!

    Love U Loads

    Ms A Tennant Hopefully 1 day
    Guess what I’m only 13
    I love you and so does my history teacher
    I always after school go to the doctor who shop
    On the high street in East ham.
    I have bought maybe 20 Posters of you love U So much

    Lots of Kisses on your Way!



  3. I think that its like a base station or Rocket investigation (Of Humans) on Mars (Hence the name). Also in one of the shots they seem to be in a glass dome like place, (Eden Project) Also in Planet of the Dead the Woman, Carmen, she said two things that would probably affect how the stories are going, one: "Your song is ending" Quoted by the ood
    Two: He will knock four times, now this is interesting, The Masters knocking sound, duh duh duh duh, So the master, also One Episode has to be in Elizabethan times as in "The Shakespeare Code" she recognised the Doctor so ... Also in the next post you mention Wilf etc, that must be in the master episode which would probably be the last!
    So, that kinda leaves a list, the next one, Waters of Mars, Then one in Elizabethan times, and then one in the present day with Wilf, the Master, and The Tenth doctor turning into the Eleventh! :)
    Doctor Who Geek
    (My Nickname as I literally know everything bout Doctor Who!!!!!)


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