Friday, 10 October 2008

Doctor Who Magazine #401 Cover

The cover for DWM #401 has been released. The official report has not yet been released, but here's what the cover (see below) and infomation from last issue tells us:
  • New 8th Doctor radio series is previewed.
  • WIN Russell T Davies new book, The Writer's Tale.
  • How Davros was brought back to life for the Series 4 finale.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2.
  • Comic Strip: 'Thinktwice' - Part 2.
  • The Fact of Fiction: 'Resurrection of the Daleks'.
  • Time Team: 'Time and the Rani'.
  • ...and all the usual favourites: Gallifrey Guardian, Who On Earth Is, Production Notes, You Are Not Alone, episode, audio and book reviews, and Galaxy Forum.
Doctor Who Magazine #401 is released in WHSmith's and other good newsagents Thursday 16th October, £3.99.


  1. Hey, thanks for letting me now and the cover looks amazing. Can you please put my blog on your link list. Your site is one of my favourite doctor who sites ever.

  2. I think "DAVROS REBORN" on the front cover kind of gives it away that DWM 401 is going to be based around Davros. I like the concept drawing too!

  3. ok i have made a tempery one but can u please make one and email it to me at because i find it hard to make headers.


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