Friday, 24 October 2008

'Battlefield' DVD Release

The cover (see below) and details for an upcoming DVD from 2entertain of the 7th Doctor and Ace story 'Battlefield' have been released. Here's the story's synopsis:

"The Doctor and Ace receive a mysterious distress signal and land in the Earth village of Carbury, where a nuclear convoy has halted. The Doctor's concern is heightened when knights from another dimension begin to land in the area. Nearby is Lake Voortigen, the mythical resting-place of Excalibur, King Arthur's mystical sword...

But the lake holds a more sinister secret. A spaceship from the same alien dimension lurks under the lake - but does it really contain Arthur's corpse? And what is it that the Witch Queen, Morgaine, is really after?"

The Special Features include:
  • Watertank
  • From Kingdom to Queen - Jean Marsh in Doctor Who
  • Past and Future King - Writing 'Battlefield'
  • Storm Over Avallion - Making 'Battlefield'
  • 'Battlefield' - Photo Gallery
  • 'Battlefield' Studio Recording - 1st June 1989
  • Trailers and Continuity

Here is the cover:

2entertain's DVD of 'Battlefield' is released 29th December 2008 for £19.99

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