Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Rumoured Children In Need Scene

I'm sure you've all seen somewhere that this year there will be a Children in Need related scene of Doctor Who. However, there are rumours that it may be crossing over with the BBC show Ashes to Ashes (the spin-off series of Life on Mars).

The announcement for this year's Children In Need says this:
“There are some Children In Need-themed scenes from Doctor Who and Ashes To Ashes, a musical extravaganza from Albert Square, featuring the cast of EastEnders, and a special edition of Junior Masterchef.”

Let's hope this rumour is true!
Please comment.


  1. Like I said in the post, it is a rumour, not something that I faked as a rumour.

  2. "Scenes", plural, seems to imply a scene from Doctor Who and one from Ashes to Ashes, not a crossover.

  3. True, anonymous and Doctor Who and Ashes to Ashes are totally unrelated.

  4. Yeh, but this is Children In Need after all. They mix all sorts of shows together.

  5. i hope it is true because dr who and ashes to ashes are my fave 2 shows

  6. remember dimensions in time or w/e it was called? even tho i dont think it will happen again,


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