Monday, 25 July 2011

Torchwood Series 1 – ‘Small Worlds’ Unreleased Music

TheSkaroRevenger has uploaded a series of five unreleased music tracks composed by Murray Gold (composer of the Series 1-2 Torchwood theme and current Doctor Who composer) from 2006’s first series of Torchwood, episode five ‘Small Worlds’.

You can hear the music all on his YouTube channel DrWhoUnreleasedMusic, and listen to them in this playlist…

Torchwood – Series 1 Episode 5: ‘Small Worlds’
     After being receiving a call from Jack’s old friend Estelle, a seemingly kooky old lady obsessed with the idea of fairies in old woodland nearby – the Torchwood team become embroiled in a situation where they need to investigate the supernatural to find out the significance of a little girl.
     They soon discover the little girl - Jasmine Pierce - is a Chosen One of the Fairies, terrible creatures native to Earth and older than its rocks, with the ability to control the elements.
     But Jack’s seen these creatures deadly effect before, and a distant memory of a train ride in World War II Lahore proves to be vital in solving the puzzle, while the team find a trail of red petals and destruction to follow...

> Dr Who Unreleased Music – YouTube Channel

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