Monday, 18 July 2011

The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project – Website OPEN!

The shiny new official website blog for the project set up by myself (James Gray – owner of Doctor Who Fansite) and Emma Lousie (owner of Tardis Console News) called The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project (F.A.N. being… fiction, art, and novelisations) is now ONLINE! The website also covers our upcoming fan-written Doctor Who fiction series, written and produced by us.

The blog provides information on our free upcoming fiction series - entitled Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart – with details on characters, episodes/stories, and all the latest news on the series featuring original companion Maddy Ramos alongside the Tenth Doctor. You can also watch a Doctor Who action-figure adventure made by me in 2008 and read our unofficial fan-written novelisation of ‘Time Crash’.

The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project
> Go to The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project

Let us know what you think? Are you going to read our Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart fan-fiction series?
Please comment.

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