Sunday, 24 July 2011

Karen Gillan Confirmed for Series 7

Karen Gillan has revealed confirmation for the first time that – contrary to popular belief - she will be returning to Doctor Who in her role as Amy Pond for Series 7 in 2012. The news was broken exclusively to Zap2It while she and Matt Smith attended a round of press junket interviews as part of their trip to San Diego Comic Con.

When asked directly whether she will be returning for the seventh series since 2005, Gillan replied: “Well, I am going to come back, yes.”

However, without wishing to worry anyone, it should be pointed out that this does not confirm whether or not Karen will be returning for a full series. Her answer seems slightly hesitant, though this could be because of two possible reasons: a) she won’t return for a full series or b) she isn’t sure whether she’s allowed to say or how much she’s allowed to say yet.

> Zap-2-It

What do you think of this? Are you glad Karen is coming back?
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  1. I hope Karen comes back. She is sofa king hot.


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