Saturday, 23 July 2011

John Barrowman at Comic Con: “I’d love to come back”

John Barrowman (everyone’s favourite omnisexual rogue Time Agent, Captain Jack Harkness), while speaking and laughing [a lot] in yesterday’s San Diego Comic Con 2011 Torchwood panel, has addressed the recent popular topic of his eventual return to Doctor Who to come face-to-face with Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor.

When asked about the subject of his come-back and Matt Smith expressing his desire for Jack to come back, after a great amount of audience cheering, Barrowman said, “Having heard that I don’t think my answer really matters”.
He then added: “Torchwood and Captain Jack were born from the mother ship – I reference that as being Doctor Who. I think it would be an interesting thing…” and hastily added, “but I would love to do it!”.

Watch JB’s full answer below…
John Barrowman talks about returning to Doctor Who - Torchwood Panel Comic-Con 2011

So, John has discussed his return with The Moff, who (as well as Russell T Davies and Matt Smith) has also expressed his interest in Captain Jack coming back. Hopefully this will lead to Mr Harkness and The Doctor crossing paths once more, in more than just a cameo…

The SDCC Torchwood panel also featured an exclusive theatrical-length Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer…
> TW: Miracle Day – Comic Con 2011 Trailer

What are your thoughts on this? Do you want Jack back in Who?
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