Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Who's the Guest Star?

I know I've been saying that spoiler warning a lot recently, but this one is probably one of the biggest and most 'spoilerific' posts so far on Doctor Who Fansite! So, if you do not want the final two Doctor Who 2009 specials to be spoiled in a huge way, don't read ahead! You have been warned...

The website io9.com have posted news on two leaked pictures from the Doctor Who 2009 finale set, which will be The Tenth Doctor's swansong. The photo is of David Tennant with two guests actors on set.

Yes, that's right, John Simm is returning to Doctor Who as The Master (looks like The Master's opting for a new look with the blonde hair). Also on photo 1, on the left, is Timothy Dalton in full Time Lord attire as a Time Lord dignitary or High Councillor! So either The Doctor goes back in time to when the Time Lords were alive (unlikely - you know, "time-locked" and all), or they were never actually destroyed.

However, my theory is that The Master might have gone back in time and done something so that he can resurrect the Time Lords or simply bring them back in some way to help him. Also, from photo 2, what on Earth are those barrels or cannisters for?!

What do you think of these pictures?
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