Saturday, 13 June 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth Preview Screening & Series 4

Only recently, I ran a voting poll here on Doctor Who Fansite asking "Do you think Torhwood will be commissioned for a series 4?" Most people voted that they thought it would have a fourth series. Well as it happens, Russell T Davies has said (in a reply to a question posed to him in the Q&A session after the screening of the first episode of 'Children of Earth') that a fourth series of Torchwood is "ready to go".

A Series 4 of Torchwood is entirely dependant on Series 3's performance and its audience ratings. However, with many reactions to the first episode claiming that it is "brilliant" and "awesome", it looks as though a fourth series is not unlikely. Some even describe it as the "best hour of Torchwood so far"!

Are you going to watch Torchwood: Children of Earth? Do you think a fourth series will be commission and would you watch it?
Please comment.

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