Friday, 26 June 2009

Karen's Mum's a Whovian!

Karen Gillan has revealed in the latest edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine that when she was cast as the so-far-unnamed companion, she couldn't tell her mother because she might let the secret slip as she is such a big Doctor Who fan!

Karen said: "I really wanted to tell my parents but I thought it wasn't a good idea as my mum is a huge fan." and added, "I didn't want to drop that bomb on her and she'd then have to keep it secret. So I waited until it was publicly announced to go up to Inverness to tell her."

What do you think of this?
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  1. Surely then, being such a big fan, her mum would find out when it was publicly announced? So why does Karen then go?

  2. Luke, her mum obviously did find out when it was announced. Karen's point, I think, was not telling her mum before the press release because her mum might tell someone.


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