Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Newsround 'Waters of Mars' Review

Newsround - CBBC's children's news programme - have added their review of 'The Waters of Mars' to their website and you can read it in full below, but be warned it does contain some spoilers for the story!

The story
The latest Doctor Who adventure sees David Tennant arrive on a human colony in Mars 50 years in the future. At first the colonists see the Doctor as a threat but they soon need his help when an alien virus starts to transform the crew into monsters.
Fierce battle:
The bug is coming from the water and threatens to wipe out the colony and the Doctor is their only hope. But will he come to the rescue and change the course of history? The crew of the colony are world famous and the Doctor reckons it is really important that he does not change what happens in the year 2059.
He knows he shouldn't take the law of time into his own hands this time round but when he sees the humans on the colony fighting to survive he just can't help but get involved. But can he handle the consequences? The Waters of Mars shows the Doctor battling with his own thoughts and his fear that his role as the Time Lord might have gone too far? Has the time come for the Doctor retire from the Tardis? You will have to tune in on 15 November to find out.

The characters
The familiar character of the Doctor changes a little in this episode. He seems troubled by his conscience and really wants to walk away from the monsters on Mars. Of course you can expect the usual funny bits when the Doctor baffles other characters with his razor sharp wit.
The other main character is Captain Adelaide who is in charge of the colony on Mars. She seems pretty scary at first and the kind of person you wouldn't want to disagree with but she does show a softer side later in the programme. Other characters include the rest of the crew and of course the creatures created by the Waters of Mars.

One of the best and most scary bits is when you first see the transformation of the first crew member to be infected with the water virus. You will be on the edge of your seat and be prepared for a bit of a fright. Another highlight is when the Doctor turbocharges a robot to hitch a ride and escape the monsters. And it's the same robot which saves the day, having been sent to start up the Tardis by the Doctor.

Any weak bits?
The weakest bit was the fact that we are not told what the Doctor is doing on Mars. He just seems to appear there at the start of the episode. The only other weak part were the monsters costumes. They could have been a little scarier.

Hit or miss?
Definitely a HIT. This is a classic Doctor Who episode and one you won't want to miss.
This episode is one of the darkest yet and full of moments that will have you hiding behind the sofa. It is action packed and has a twist in the tale you really won't see coming.
All that AND it's the second last time you will see David Tennant as the Time Lord.

Newsround have given 'The Waters of Mars' a 4 out of 5.

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  1. The doctor doesn't need a reason to be on mars - he is has a time machine. he can go anywhere, anywhen - why shouldn't he go where he wants. Maybe he just felt like having a cuppa with mars on that particular day...

  2. Didn't Gadget drive through a deluge of infected water on its way out to the Tardis? Don't you think it would at least have one drop of water on it, still?

  3. No, anon, Gadget didn't drive through water. The water was only on The Flood and in the Base, not outside Bowie Base 1. :)


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