Friday, 27 July 2012

Talking Who: Neve McIntosh exclusive interview


Talking Who – the home of Doctor Who video fandom on YouTube – have uploaded an exclusive interview they secured with non other than Neve McIntosh.

Neve made her first appearance in Doctor Who, however, as the Silurian twins of anthrophobia: Alaya and Restac, in 2010’s ‘The Hungry Earth’ & ‘Cold Blood’. However, she is probably best-known as the samurai-sword-wielding Silurian smash-hit character Madame Vastra, the role to which she will return for an upcoming Mark Gatiss-penned episode of Series 7; rumoured to be titled ‘The Crimson Horror’.

The 18-minute interview was recorded at The Eleventh Hour convention, and conducted by Blogtor Who’s Cameron K. McEwan. They talk about Neve’s part co-starring opposite David Tennant in Single Father, as well as her casting as the sister Silurians and the filming of her Doctor Who episodes.

Neve McIntosh Exclusive Interview (Doctor Who Madame Vastra) | Talking Who 34

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