Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Planet of the Facts #7: A Half-Human Doctor

FACT No.7: A Half-Human Doctor

The original concept for the 1996 TV movie’s plot was to not only introduce the idea that The Doctor was apparently human, but also involved the newly-regenerated Eighth Doctor (played by Paul McGann) to go searching for his true father, who was to have appeared and been an integral part of the plot.

Through the filtering of the various TV companies’ wants and many script drafts later, this plotline was reduced to a couple of lines – one said by The Master (Eric Roberts) and the other by The Doctor himself – mentioning he is “half-human”; these lines remain as it was the one idea that producer Philip Segal was very adamant to retain of the initial script.

The Doctor’s human-Gallifreyan parentage idea was inspired by Mr Spock’s half-human parentage in Star Trek.

With thanks to Niall Boyce.

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