Sunday, 8 July 2012

Eighth Dr Adventures: ‘Dark Eyes’ Box Set

Big Finish – official full-cast audio drama makers of Doctor Who – have released the cover and synopsis of the upcoming new ‘Dark Eyes’ box set.

The story looks set to enter the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) into a new era of different adventures, with the advent of his new companion Molly (played by Ruth Bradley – ITV’s Primeval and Titanic TV series), following the departure of Sheridan Smith as the Lucie Miller in last year’s ‘To The Death’.

The cover not only displays a new layout style – this time not including the usual info-strip down the left – but also a re-styled Eighth Doctor outfit (first revealed at the a convention in New Zealand). Also featured on the cover are new companion Molly, the ever-infamous Daleks, and Toby Jones (who you may recognise as the Dreamlord in Series 5 ‘Amy’s Choice’) who plays a character called Kotris in ‘Dark Eyes’.

Dark Eyes follows the story of the Eighth Doctor in the aftermath of the game-changing To the Death (recent winner of Doctor Who Magazine's 2012 Best Audio poll!) and sends him to the brink in more ways than one.

Starring Paul McGann as the Doctor and Ruth Bradley as new companion Molly O'Sullivan, a VAD from the time of the First World War, Dark Eyes is an epic adventure told across four CDs, and features thrills, spills, high adventure and powerful drama - and Daleks!

PART ONE: The Great War - The Doctor is heading to 'the edge' and beyond. But the Time Lords have other ideas. On Earth, during the First World War, Molly O'Sullivan works hard as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nursing assistant. How can her destiny be bound up with that of the Doctor's?

PART TWO: ‘Fugitives’

PART THREE: ‘Tangled Web’

PART FOUR: ‘'X' and the Daleks’

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Ruth Bradley (Molly O'Sullivan), Peter Egan (Straxus),Toby Jones (Kotris), Tim Treloar (Lord President), Laura Molyneaux (Isabel Stanford), Natalie Burt (Sally Armstrong), Ian Cullen (Nadeyan), Nicholas Briggs(The Daleks)

‘Dark Eyes’ box set is available to pre-order now on CD or by  download for £20, via the Big Finish website. It is set for release in November 2012. I know I’ll be getting it!

> Pre-order ‘Dark Eyes’ now

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