Friday, 26 August 2011

Series 6’s Five Biggest Mysteries

What are the five biggest mysteries and questions of Doctor Who that are yet to be answered by Mr Moffat? Well, ahead of tomorrow’s Series 6 Part 2 opener, Yahoo TV have put their best Doctor Who fanatic reporter on the case (they have their facts right as well! Take note, Daily Mail). So ye be warned of the spoilers ahead if you have yet to watch ‘The Lodger’ or any of Series 6 (if that applies to you then ye also be damned)…

1. Who killed the future Doctor?
We saw the Doctor from 200 years in the future being killed by an astronaut – but who was inside the spacesuit? The Doctor said he knew and appeared to be expecting to die. Is there any significance to the way he said "I'm sorry" to his friends before being killed? What was he apologising for?

2. Whose spaceship was above James Corden's flat?
In the episode 'The Lodger', the Doctor stayed with a character called Craig (played by James Corden) while trying to figure out what was going on in the flat upstairs. It turned out there was a broken spaceship - with a primitive time engine - trying to fix itself. In 'The Impossible Astronaut' we saw this spaceship again, in a network of tunnels under Florida in the 1960s with the memory-wiping Silence hanging around in it. Is it a time machine? Who built it? Where did it go when it vanished from above Craig's flat? We know Craig is back in the second half of the new series so maybe he'll have some answers.

3. Who is Madame Kovarian?
This mysterious woman with an eyepatch kidnapped a pregnant Amy and replaced her with a doppelganger in order to steal Amy's Time Vortex-enhanced baby... who we now know grows up to be River Song. She says she wants to turn the baby into a weapon for use against the Doctor – but why? Who is she working with? What is her eyepatch for? And why do we see River wearing one in the teaser trailer for the rest of the series?

4. Who was the young girl we saw regenerating?
At the end of 'Day of the Moon' we saw a young, injured girl begin the Time Lord regeneration process, transforming in a burst of orange light. Was this Amy's daughter or a full Time Lord? If it was Amy's daughter, this means River Song can regenerate – and if that's the case, maybe she didn't really die when we first met her during David Tennant's time as the Doctor.

5. Who was the 'best man I ever knew' that River killed?
We know that in the future River is in a maximum-security prison for murder - she says for killing “a good man...the best man I ever knew”. This implies it could be the Doctor, possibly even the future Doctor we've seen killed by the mysterious astronaut. But could the 'good man' actually be Rory, who we now know was River's father? Did the episode title 'A Good Man Goes to War' refer to the Doctor or to Rory, who became a warrior to save his wife and baby?

Yahoo article written by Ed Lomas
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What do you think of this list? Got any theories of how they’ll be resolved?
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