Monday, 15 August 2011

Arthur Darvill talks Rory in Series 7

In a new exclusive interview with SFX Arthur Darvill has spoken about his involvement in Doctor Who Series 7, following rife rumours that he and Karen Gillan would be leaving the series at the end of the current Series 6. Karen Gillan has already confirmed she will be returning, but what about Arthur?

When asked point blank, Will you back in series seven?, Darvill replied:
“I will be coming back at some point… There is an involvement in some way.”

So it sounds like there was some truth in the rumours, after all, although they won’t be leaving completely. Maybe they are returning for a couple of stories in Series 7 similar to how River has done so far? Maybe River is going to fill their gap as full-series companion for Series 7?

> Read the full interview
> DWF - Karen Gillan Confirmed for Series 7

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