Saturday, 27 August 2011

‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ 11 Teasers

Since it is THE day, finally, that ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ broadcasts in the UK and US, let’s take this last-minute chance to whet our appetites for it with a few teasers! To any spoiler-phobes who may be reading, none of these teasers are very spoilery (if at all) so you’re safe…

  1. “You never said I was hot!?”
  2. The Doctor’s new jacket needs no introduction
  3. Rasputin was green?
  4. Hitler returns the favour
  5. Keep an eye out for Benjamin
  6. “You ***** **** daughter ***** your ********”
  7. The penny drops more than once
  8. “You are not a psychopath!”
  9. “Is killing you going to take all day?”
  10. 32 minutes until…
  11. River is armed for shopping

Very excited for today’s opening episode! Let’s hope the hours pass by unbelievably quickly, though something tells me the wait may feel slower than ever.

What do you think of these teasers?
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