Monday, 28 March 2011

Neil Gaiman Series 6 Title

The title of the much-anticipated episode of Series Six written by Neil Gaiman, which is Episode 4 of the new series, has now been revealed! This is the episode that stars Suranne Jones as a character called Idris and was originally meant to be part of Series Five, but was set back until Series Six due to budgetary constraints. Idris has been described by Gaiman as “an old friend with a new face” and by producer Marcus Wilson as “a new take on a familiar character”, so presumably not a character us viewers have never met before.

For the spoiler-phobes out there (hopefully you got the message from the warning above, but just in case your eyes wander by accident, highlight the text in the box below to find out the title (yes, VERY spoilery!)…

The title of Series 6 Episode 4 is...
'The Doctor's Wife'!!

It was going to happen sometime or other. The title is certainly very revealing. Or is it? This is Steven Moffat ruling the show now, after all, and an episode being written by Neil Gaiman, so surely all is not as it seems?
Can’t wait to find out…

What do you think of this? Got any theories about what it could be about?
Please comment.


  1. Supposedly Gaiman's episode includes a woman from the Doctor's past with a new face. Personally, I'm voting for Romana!

  2. Yeah Romana sounds like a good guess


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