Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Doctor Who: ‘Power Of The Heart’ – Story Titles 1 & 2

The upcoming fan-fiction of Doctor Who – with the series title of ‘Power Of The Heart’ – being written and produced by me and Emma Lousie (owner of Tardis Console News) is coming closer to it’s debut release. The series will consist of 12 parts of 4 stories (2 two-part stories and 2 four-part stories). We can reveal the titles of the first two stories of Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart

1.1 – ‘The Heart’
- two-parter
1.2 – ‘The Voyage To Nowhere’
- four-parter
1.3 – (TBC)
- (TBC)
1.4 – (TBC)
- (TBC)

Hopefully this is whetting your appetite for our first fan-fiction series. Trust me, it isn’t any old, regular fanfic – we’re intentionally avoiding that fatal mistake.

With any luck, you guys will find it as interesting and fun and enjoyable as we are doing writing and producing it, and hopefully you’ll feel drawn back for further parts to discover more about the overarching story arc plot of the series that will gradually unfold as the series progresses, and it begins from the very first scene!

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What do you think? Are you going to read our stories? Does it sound interesting to you?
We’d love to hear what you think of it. Please comment.

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