Thursday, 31 March 2011

Murray Scores A Miracle!

The official BBC Torchwood Twitter feed account announced today that Murray Gold will compose the soundtrack for Torchwood: Miracle Day.

This was revealed earlier tonight on the Twitter feed, with this message:!/BBC_Torchwood/status/53557565338038272

However, there is no confirmation of Mr Gold working once again with his pal Ben Foster, who composed all of previous series of Torchwood, which BBC Torchwood stated in this tweet:!/BBC_Torchwood/status/53558861487013888

Very good news in my opinion! Murray has certainly proved with his scoring of Series Five and ‘A Christmas Carol’ that he can still produce original, imaginative and brilliant pieces of music.
     Murray was also the person to compose the Torchwood theme (used in the intro for Series One and Two and credits for ‘Children Of Earth’), which could mean the music might still retain that unique Torchwood feeling.

> @BBC_Torchwood Twitter feed

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