Sunday, 1 November 2009

'The Waters Of Mars' Publicity Pictures

The BBC has released new publicity images for 'The Waters Of Mars', including quite a few of the new enemy The Flood. Click images to enlarge...

The first promo picture for this second 2009 special, with The Flood in the background in the forms of (from left) Andy, Tarak and Maggie.

Adelaide and The Doctor come across Andy and Tarak in the same scene as the first clip released of this episode.

The Doctor, Adelaide and not Wall-E.

Tracks of fire!

Andy is infected by The Flood.

Adelaide and The Doctor have lot of running to do.

Maggie's infected.

Adelaide and The Doctor.

Tarak among the greenery inside Bowie Base One.

Looks like Adelaide and The Doctor have made a discovery.

Ed, Adelaide and The Doctor watch an infected Maggie through glass.

What are your thoughts on these pictures?
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