Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas Special 2009 Title & Sound Clip

The official BBC Doctor Who website has revealed the title of the 2009 Christmas special, disproving previous rumours that the title would be 'Nightmares Reign', as 'The End Of Time - Part One' presumably meaning the New Year's Day special will have "Part Two" on the end if its title. This is the first time ever since Doctor Who's return in 2005 that any one story has had just one name with different parts in the title.

In other 'End Of Time news, the BBC Doctor Who website has also added a 8 second sound clip from the episode featuring The Doctor talking, with rather jolly music in the background. It doesn't, however, reveal any more about the Christmas special that we don't already know. You can listen below...

He says:
"So, where were we? I was summoned wasn't I? By the Ood in the snow... calling to me."

> BBC Dr Who site - Title announcement
> BBC Dr Who site - Audio clip

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