Monday, 2 November 2009

'The Waters Of Mars' Air Date - UK and US

The official broadcast dates of 'The Waters of Mars' for the UK and the US have been confirmed. The UK broadcast has been confirmed as November 15th 2009 on BBC One at 7:00PM - the date rumoured among fans for a while previous to the confirmation - and will also be aired in America on December 19th on BBC America.

'The Waters Of Mars' guest-stars include Lindsay Duncan as Adelaide (the woman in charge of Bowie Base One), Peter O'Brian as Ed (Adelaide's second-in-command) and Chook Sibtain (who previously appeared as Mr Grantham in SJA 'Warriors of the Kudlak') as Tarak Ital.

David Tennant has said of 'The Waters Of Mars': "It tells a different sort of story, I think, and it's a long time into the episode before The Doctor takes control. That's what's unnerving about it - it's not the standard structure. We expect The Doctor to take control earlier - we expect The Doctor to know how he's going to do it and how he's going to win through and he doesn't. Even though he wins in the end it's a bitter sweet victory. People die. That's part of the story we have to tell to go where we're going."

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