Saturday, 4 August 2012

Series 7 Part 2 Possible Broadcast Dates

Amazon UK have got in early with their listing of the two-disc DVD set for Series 7 Part 1, which is set for a release date of November 12 release. With this, we also get the approximate dates for the release of the Series 7 Part 2 DVD set, which – along with the complete box set – has a much more vague date given.

However, what we can estimate from this information is that approximate dates of broadcast (in the UK) for the second half of Series 7, which will star Matt Smith and newcomer Jenna-Louise Coleman. It seems that JLC’s (Jenna’s unofficial nickname, don’cha know) half of Series 7 will begin airing no later than late March next year (the latest the DVD could be released and still hit a spring deadline would be May 27).

This is how it seems the broadcasting for Series 7 will be:

    1. Series 7, Part 1 – Broadcast 25th August to 22nd September 2012
    2. 2012 Christmas Special – 25th December 2012
    3. Series 7 Part 2 – most likely to begin between January and March 2013
    4. 50th Anniversary special – Beginning no later than November 23 (with more “specials” expected to air beforehand)
    5. 2013 Christmas special – 25th December

With thanks to Hypable.

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