Friday, 2 March 2012

Steven Moffat: “Moriarty will not return”


No apologies for any Sherlock Series 2 spoilers. If you haven't seen it, where the bloody hell were you? *Barrowman fist shake*

Steven “The Moff” Moffat has made another sensible comment to a journalist (bloody outrageous, eh?) The current overlord of Doctor Who and co-creator of Sherlock claimed in an interview with the Radio Times that Sherlock Holmes’ notorious arch nemesis Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) will not return to the series to once more rival the deer-stalker-wearing boffin-investigator. Although, to be fair, the ol’ Irish-brogued villain did shoot himself in the chin, so fair-dos

"We need to find new villains, we need to find new ideas, otherwise the show doesn't keep growing.” Moffat continued: "Moriarty's a one-shot deal in the original [books]. I don't want [Sherlock] to turn into a show that's about one villain and one hero. Moriarty was great because he was a surprise. Every time you bring him back he won't be as big a surprise."

"We have to keep the show growing otherwise it won't surprise you," he suggested. "Once you get the measure of it you'll just get critical - if we keep surprising you and keeping you off balance, you won't."

Series Three of Sherlock was commissioned simultaneously with the second run, and was confirmed the day following the broadcast of ‘The Reichenbach Fall’.

What with Benedict Cumberbatch off shooting the latest Star Trek film and charming fangirls left, right and centre, and Martin Freeman enjoying time as a jolly Hobbit (on and off set of The Hobbit), Sherlock producer and wife of The Moff Sue Vertue has said Sherlock is unlikely to return before 2013. Don’t boo. You know the wait will be worth it…

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