Thursday, 8 March 2012

Series 7 filming: The Wild Wild West

Contains (minor) spoilers…!

As reported previously on DWF, the seventh series of Doctor Who since 2005 will boast the first cowboy-genre episode since 1966’s ‘The Gunfighters’ and the location filming is underway now, with the first set of filming photos released today.

The episode, rumoured to be called ‘The Gunslingers’ (like a possible sequel to the 1966 serial?), is currently filming the Wild West-set locations shooting in Spain, where many western cowboy films have also been shot. It has been confirmed in the latest Doctor Who Magazine #445 that it is the third episode of the series and has been written by Toby Whithouse (creator/writer of Being Human, and writer of Doctor Who ‘School Reunion’, ‘Vampires In Venice’ & ‘The God Complex’).

Today’s Spain filming involved only Matt Smith and a horse, reunited with a trusty Stetson. The Eleventh Doctor appeared to be unveiling something curiously large and boulder size in the *western* desert (see below), but why would anyone cover a boulder? So what could it be…?

Series 7 is due to begin broadcast Autumn 2012.

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