Thursday, 24 November 2011

Decorate your room with TARDIS Wallpaper

You can now adorn your bedroom walls with the new BBC-licensed wallpaper of the TARDIS walls that featured within the greatest time/-space-travelling machine during the televised years 1977-89. There are two strips of wallpaper to select from – “unbelievably colour matched to a paint sample from the 1983 screen Control Room Set!” – which are the iconic classic-series’ TARDIS roundels (unfortunately does not feature genuine Chameleon Circuit controls), while the other is a strip for the classic-series’ TARDIS columns.

Here’s the TARDIS wallpaper advertisement from the latest Doctor Who Magazine (issue 441)

The TARDIS wallpaper, for each roll, has a price of £30 each and is available to pre-order from 3D Effects Wallpaper Designs. Manufacturers estimate wallpaper delivery to their warehouse for 15th December 2011. Each roll of wallpaper is 10 meters long and 52 centimetres wide.

> Pre-order from 3D Effects Wallpaper Designs

What do you think of this? Are you going to get this wallpaper?
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