Saturday, 19 November 2011

Power of the Heart – ‘A Voyage To Nowhere’ Part One Synopsis

The third episode in our series of Doctor Who fan fiction – that has the significant series title of Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart – will be available to read in PDF format tomorrow!

logo_PowerOfTheHeart-BW_thumb2Story 1 – ‘A Voyage To Nowhere’ (Part One) – by Emma Lousie
Episode 1:
A virus and a murder on a ship that travelled the sea for 6 months. The famous Tin-Vagabond cruise ship is now lost, bound to roam the flooded plains with no destination but the ripples under its prow.
The year is 2200 and Maddy Ramos emerges from the TARDIS to begin her first adventure as a time-traveller. But events aren't so spectacular when the duo find the boat's passengers on deck, shivering and terrified of what prowls in the copper shadows...

Can they save the starving passengers? And what has the fabled Nefaro got do to with the virus?

The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project brings you Part One of the second story featuring The Tenth Doctor (as played by David Tennant) and original companion Maddy Ramos.

Part One of ‘A Voyage To Nowhere’ – the second story in Doctor Who: Power Of The Heart series – is scheduled for release right here tomorrow, Sunday 20th November at 7:00PM. We’d love it if you could have a read and tell us what you think!

Find out more at:
> Visit the website of The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project

What are your thoughts on this? Are you going to read our fanfic series?
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