Friday, 25 February 2011

Series Six Possible Start Date

Doctor Who Spoilers have reported that the BBC might be scheduling a Doctor Who weekend as there are numerous sources that indicate that the first two episodes – the two-part story filmed in the Utah dessert -  will be broadcast in the UK on BBC One on consecutive days, with episode one on the Easter weekend Saturday 23rd April and the second episode on the Sunday.
According to a few sources including a couple of posters the Sixth Series will begin over Easter weekend with Episode One airing on Saturday 23rd of April and the concluding episode of the opening two-parter being screened the following day.
Assuming that there’s no break in the series when the Eurovision final airs on the 14th May (which considering there’s no “Andrew Lloyd-Webber looks at young girls” show this year, is a reasonable assumption) the mid-series finale will be transmitted on 28th May, the night of the Champions League final. The Champion’s league final kicks off at 7:45pm on ITV, so assuming a 30 minute build-up show that could see the mid-series finale airing at 6:30pm (or 6:15pm if it’s a 60-minute episode).
> Doctor Who Spoilers

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