Friday, 25 February 2011

James Corden Returns for Series Six

The BBC have now officially confirmed that James Corden will return to Doctor Who in Series Six and will be filming his part, of the story he features in, in the second week of March.
The BBC Doctor Who site has said:
James will reprise his role of Craig Owens, first seen in last series' adventure The Lodger. Back in 2010 James told us, 'There's been no talk of my return. I'd love another adventure - it would be great! I'm sort of disappointed I didn't get to go in the TARDIS...' Who knows if he'll find his way into the Doctor's time machine this time around?
The character of Craig Owens proved popular last year. James described him as 'an ordinary bloke' but part of the character's appeal was his quiet bravery and charm. He became firm friends with the Doctor and we're now looking forward to seeing that friendship renewed!
James said working on The Lodger had been 'fantastic' and you can still see the Set Tour he conducted whilst working on the episode, or watch the exclusive interview he gave us about life with the Doctor. Finally, you can remind yourself of Craig's sporting prowess by watching the famous scene where he plays footie with a number 11 who's out of this world...
His return is, most likely, tied in in some way with the glimpse of the makeshift TARDIS from ‘The Lodger’ (in which Corden starred) in the Series Six Coming Soon trailer shown at the end of ‘A Christmas Carol’ (see below).

> BBC Doctor Who site

What are your thoughts on this? Do you want Corden to return? What are your theories on Craig’s return?
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