Friday, 8 October 2010

Doctor Who Goes Stateside


According to the online CV / résumé of a Line Producer on Doctor Who Series Six, David Mason, the programme will be going on a location shoot to the USA for episode "DOCTOR WHO X1.2".

We have no idea, as of yet, about the nature of this location shoot, whether just brief or as integral as their trip to Croatia was in 'Vampires in Venice' and 'Vincent and the Doctor'. However, we do know from the web page that the Producer credited for this episode is Marcus Wilson, a newby to the crew of Doctor Who.
The USA location shoot has now mysteriously disappeared from the web page, but a screenshot of it was taken before it had been...

Image courtesy of Dr Who Spoilers.

This is thought to be something to do with one of the many teasers given by Steven Moffat in The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who: “They’ll have to get a new name for Thanksgiving.” And The Moff's tease in the latest Doctor Who Magazine issue #426: “Have you ever wondered about Apollo Ten and a half?”  This episode is also apparently an adaptation of Terrence Dicks’ Virgin New Adventures story Blood Harvest which features the Seventh Doctor.

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