Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Series Five Soundtrack Tracklistings


With less than a month to go until its release, the Doctor Who: Series Five Original Television Soundtrack’s official track listing has finally been revealed by Silva Screen on their website and they have also, for the first time, revealed that the Series Five soundtrack will be a double-disc set, with ten more tracks than the Series Four Specials’ did (click cover to enlarge).

01. Doctor Who XI 

The Eleventh Hour 
02. Down To Earth
03. Little Amy
04. Fish Custard
05. Can I Come With You?
06. Little Amy: The Apple
07. The Sun’s Gone Wibbly
08. Zero
09. I Am The Doctor
10. The Mad Man With A Box
11. Amy In The TARDIS 

The Beast Below 
12. The Beast Below
13. Amy’s Theme
14. A Lonely Decision 

Victory Of The Daleks 
15. A Tyrannical Menace
16. Victory Of The Daleks
17. Battle In The Sky 

The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone 
18. River’s Path
19. The Time Of Angels 

The Vampires of Venice 
20. I Offer You My Daughter
21. Chicken Casanova
22. Signora Rosanna Calvierri
23. Cab For Amy Pond
24. The Vampires Of Venice 

Amy’s Choice 
25. Wedded Bliss
26. The Dream 

The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood
27. Rio de Cwmtaff
28. The Silurians


Vincent And The Doctor
1. Paint
2. Vincent
3. Hidden Treasures
4. A Troubled Man
5. With Love, Vincent

The Lodger
6. Adrift In The TARDIS
7. Friends And Neighbours
8. Doctor Gastronomy
9. You Must Like It Here
10. A Useful Striker
11. A Painful Exchange
12. Kiss The Girl
13. Thank You Craig

The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang
14. River Runs Through It
15. Away On Horseback
16. Beneath Stonehenge
17. Who Else Is Coming
18. Amy And Rory
19. The Pandorica
20. Words Win Wars
21. The Life And Death Of Amy Pond
22. Amy’s Starless Life
23. Into The Museum
24. This Is Where It Gets Complicated
25. Roman Paradox
26. The Patient Centurion
27. The Same Sonic
28. Honey I’m Home
29. The Perfect Prison
30. A River Of Tears
31. The Sad Man With A Box
32. You And Me, Amy
33. The Big Day
34. I remember You
35. Onwards!

The two-disc Doctor Who: Series 5 Original Television Soundtrack is due for release in the UK on November 8th 2010 for £11.99.

What do you think of the tracks? Are you going to buy this soundtrack?
Please comment.

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