Monday, 2 August 2010

Bernice Summerfield Animated

Doctor Who-authorised audio play company Big Finish has released a teaser trailer and a press release for their upcoming 10-minute animated adventure for the popular novels and audio only companion Bernice Summerfield.

For those who don't know, the archaeologist character originated in the 1992 Virgin Adventures novel 'Love and War' when she joined the Seventh Doctor aboard the TARDIS and continued to do so throughout a total of 45 novels before departing for the final time in 1997's 'The Dying Days'. Bernice then gained her own series of 22 novels later in 1997 that would then be made in full-cast audios by Big Finish the following year with Lisa Bowerman's first 'appearance' as the character, a role which she has continued to play ever since.

Lisa Bowerman is back as Benny, who is returning to her roots as an archaeologist – although it isn’t long before she’s being pursued through the ruins of an alien world by a deadly adversary.

Dead and Buried is animated by Alex Mallinson, who has been working on the project for months.

“I’ve created animated trailers for Cyberman and Dalek Empire in the past but this is a much more complicated prospect,” he says. “John Ainsworth and Eddie Robson have written a cracking yarn which is proving a joy and a challenge to animate.

"It’s taken weeks of patient construction, animation, rendering and compositing but it doesn’t truly spring to life until Matthew Cochrane’s evocative sound design is added. However it’s still proven more work than any of us imagined, which is why Benny Series 11 has been delayed a month. I hope this will make up for it!”

The Bernice Summerfield: 'Dead And Buried' animated adventure is due for release on September 1st 2010 for free on the Big Finish website and will lead into the events of the Bernice Summerfield audio Series 11 episode 1.

> Big Finish website

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