Thursday, 22 July 2010

Decide Your Destiny Book Covers

The covers have been officially released by Penguin Books of two brand spankingly new Doctor Who Decide Your Destiny books entitled 'Judoon Monsoon' by Oli Smith and 'Empire of the Wolf' by Neil Corry. which will be published on 2nd September.


"Join the Doctor and Amy Pond as they journey through time and space and influence their travels with your very own decisions. It’s up to YOU to choose the direction the story takes, meaning a brand new adventure is waiting for you with every read."

Previously, the successful Decide You Destiny series of semi-interactive Doctor Who adventure books have only ever been released for the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones and has not been reprised until now.

> Penguin Books

Both of these Decide Your Destiny books will be available in the UK as of September 2nd 2010 for £5.99.

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