Wednesday, 3 March 2010

More Series 5 Titles and Information

There are three more Series 5 episode titles that have been revealed by Doctor Who Magazine. The titles don't reveal too much about the stories but I'd warn people who don't want to be spoiled, just in case. The three more titles are...

5.04: 'The Time of Angels'
5.05: 'Flesh and Stone'
5.06: 'Vampires in Venice'

The first two are part of a two-parter featuring the famous Weeping Angels and The Doctor and Amy Pond are joined by River Song and that story is rumoured to be set at the "Crash of the Byzantium" that River mentioned in Series 4.

In 'Vampires in Venice' The Doctor and Amy are joined by Rory (played by Arthur Darvill) and this episode also features actor Alex Price as a sword-fighting vampire, as seen in the first Series 5 trailer.

What are your thoughts on these titles and information on episodes?
Please comment.

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  1. Im not gona watch da angel episods cos they r very very scary for me


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