Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Official K9 Website Launches

The official website for the Australian Park Entertainment produced K9 series has now been launched. The new website features videos, guides to the characters of the show, the monsters, and the episodes.

The K9 series was created by Bob Baker and Dave Martin - as was K9 himself - and is set in London in "a near future" where K9 has lost his memory of The Doctor and his previous life and is given a 'regeneration' with the help of Professor Gryffen ("a renowned expert in cybernetic systems"), Starkey ("an orphaned rebel who is fighting the system run by The Department"), Jorjie ("a headstrong young girl"), and Darius (who "works for the eccentric Professor Gryffen").

> Official K9 website

What do you think of the K9 series? What about the website?
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