Monday, 29 December 2008

DWF 2008 Awards - Nominations

If you would like to nominate your Doctor Who related website (or a site for one of the spin-offs) then please could you enter your website URL into a comment below. If your website is not hosted on Blogger you can still enter, just do the same but click on the "Name/URL" part. If you have already nominated your site in the DWF 2008 Awards section, you do not need to enter here. Also, the awards' name's will be revealed very shortly.


  1. The site's goin through some changes of late, but I'd still like to enter

  2. Hi!

    Miss Gallifrey here. Would you like to become an Admin of Through The Void? There are a lot already, but I was wondering if you would like to become one. URL is If you would like to then please let me know either on The Bad Wolf TV or Through The Void. Thank you!

    Also can I enter please? With Through The Void? Thanks!

  3. Hey,
    My site will be closed soon, but i would still like to enter. :D

  4. hi can my site enter

  5. Hey there! My site won't be updated till tomorrow (New Year's Day), but I'd still like to enter. It's a Doctor Who News Website:

    Thanks! :D

  6. can i enter

  7. thanks!


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