Saturday, 20 December 2008

ABC Gets On Time

Views of Doctor Who in Australia will be pleased to kow that ABC Television has finally managed to get the Christmas special on a lot earlier than usual. In previous years, the Christmas specials have been shown, months after BBC's airing, at the begining of each of the series, whereas this time te channel has managed to be able to air 'The Next Doctor' on 25th January 2009.

Do you watch Doctor Who on ABC? What do you think of this news?
Please comment.


  1. I have to say I am thrilled - but still a little amazed that they can't just show it on Boxing Day. I mean, the number of crap American dramas that are streamed live from the US, why not do the same for a high-quality British drama?

  2. Very, very happy. Although I would love to live in England and get BBC shows firsthand, I'm also glad that the ABC is so slack and under-funded that we have to get BBC shows instead! Very much looking forward to 25th January.


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