Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Miranda Hart in Doctor Who?

Cultbox have reported how successful and popular British writer and comedienne Miranda Hart hinted at the recent event Miranda: A Masterclass, at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, that a role in Doctor Who is on the cards.

At the event, Miranda: A Masterclass, host Mariella Frostrup brought up Hart's "aspirations" to star in the BBC sci-fi drama. This seemed to throw the sitcom star somewhat as she audibly stuttered a few times before admitting, "Yeah, I think everyone wants to be in Doctor Who."

Frost retorted with, "But you particularly did, no?" to which Hart became slightly fidgety, stuttering again, "No, no, that's not true." Tellingly, and somewhat evasively, she added after a pregnant pause, "Let's move on," to which the audience erupted in knowing laughter. Sealing the lid on the topic, she added, "Doctor Who would be great."

BBC's Head of Comedy, Mark Freeland, had already drawn allusions with former Who star Catherine Tate (companion Donna Noble) stating that, "... comedy lost someone too soon with Catherine Tate." But it appears that Hart is to explore her acting abilities regardless, having filmed in the upcoming BBC drama,Call The Midwife with Jenny Agutter (Spooks) and Pam Ferris (Little Dorrit).

This is not the first time, or even second, that the award-winning gagster has been connected with Doctor Who. The rumour mill was in overdrive earlier this year when a tabloid newspaper claimed that Steven Moffat had offered her a role only to have BBC Controller Danny Cohen step in, asking her to concentrate on comedy.

So what do you think? Would you want Miranda Hart to star in a Doctor Who story?
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