Sunday, 18 October 2009

Torchwood Series 4

John Barrowman stood in for Elaine Paige, hosting the show while presenting listeners with a bucket-load of musical show tunes (and even played Song Of Freedom from the Doctor Who Series 4 Soundtrack). In the last few minutes John read out some texts and emails, one asking when and whether Torchwood would be returning.

John replied with, along the lines of: "We're in negotiations and hopefully Torchwood will return early in the new year!"

Considering a lot of fans were ruling out any return for Torchwood, this is great news!

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  1. I really want torchwood to come back as soon as possible XD


  2. They used to start filming in November for a June air time. Last time it took 18 months to get Torchwood on the air. If they haven't started filming it yet how are they ever going to get it on air in the beginning of 2010. It is exciting news though. I wonder if they will set it in Cardiff now that the hub is gone? Will they get an all new team or just Jack and Gwen? Horrors of horrors are they setting Jack and Gwen up as a romantic duo?


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