Friday, 18 September 2009

Richard Curtis on Writing Series 5

In a BBC News Entertainment interview, Lizo Mzimba recently asked Richard Curtis about his confirmed involvement in Series 5 of Doctor Who. Curtis said, "I can tell you that it's set in the past, that it features somebody famous, that it features something very nasty, and I hope it will be both scary, funny and a bit touching."

He added, after being asked what it's like writing for the Eleventh Doctor,"Writing Doctor Who is such a joy. I started off, apparantly, over-writing him a little bit, and I had Steven Moffat come to me and say 'he doesn't talk like that - he's informal, he's modern'. So I've crushed it down and added in a few colloquialisms, and it's really fun."

Curtis also said, that very day - the day of the interview - he had written a chase scene. Lizo also asked when filming was likely to begin and gave the suggestion, "February?" However, Curtis confirmed that February is, in fact, likely to be the air date of this episode! This has now lead to fan suggestions that his episode must be second (considering that Steven Moffat is probably writing the first) or somewhere else near the beginning of the series.

If Richard is correct in saying February is when his episode will air, this means an earlier start for Doctor Who Series 5 than any other series since 2005.

> Watch interview on BBC News website
>Lizo Mzimba Twitter page

What do you think about the new airdate? What are your theories on Series 5?
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