Monday, 26 January 2009

The Tennant Tapes (with script extract!)

In this intervening time between 'The Next Doctor' and 'Planet of the Dead' us Doctor Who fans are bound to want something to wet our appetite, so what better way than with a video diary from David Tennant? That's exactly what the makers of the BBC Doctor Who website have given to us.

The video diary shows David travelling back down the Cardiff, the read-through day for 'Planet of the Dead', and talking to a few of the production team as well.

There is also a bit of the video diary that shows the script, which we can read. to read the script extract highlight the blacked out text between the lines below. If you DON'T want spoilers, DO NOT highlight it! You have been warned...

A marble plinth, centre ____________ medieval drinking cup. Solid ____________ glittering jewels. This is the CUP OF ____________.

And activating -

He throws a big lever on the wall.

FX: there are four free-standing poles in a square around the plinth, and from them, a FENCE OF BLUE LASER BEAMS activates. Low hum of power. The square of guards are standing outside the fence, all facing out.

Night then, boys.

He leaves. Footsteps echoing. The door shuts, SLAM!

Silence. Guards of duty.

PAN up the room, from the PLINTH & FX BEAMS, to...

The ceiling. A panel slides open, silently -

Then the rest is, annoyingly, blurred out.

Watch the video diary here >>>

What do you think of the video diary? If you read the script extract, what do you think of it?
Please comment.

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