Thursday, 21 August 2008

Design A Monster Competition

Here at DWF there is some very exciting news! I have been inspired by Will and Seb (>Will and Seb's Blog<) and am planning to write my own fan fiction stories. The first thing I thought was, "what should the first monster be to appear in it?" and then it came to me.

I'm relying on you to create a monster good enough to open up the first fanfic series. Can you do it? The first series' companion will be Rose Tyler (just so you know) with the Ninth Doctor (I just think there aren't many stories for the 9th Doctor compared with the 10th).

The winner of this competition will have their monster appear in my Doctor Who fanfic! If you're up for a monster challenge to create your very own monster to appear in my fanfic series, simply draw the monster on a piece of A4 paper and scan onto your PC or draw on the PC with a description so I know what it can do and what it's about, then send you finished entry to:

I will announce as a post on this website when the competition closes.
P.S. Please enter!!!



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